About the app

What is YufuPhone?

YufuPhone allows you to contact almost any language pair translator or interpreter anytime you need. The service is supported by professional translators, whose language proficiency level is native or advanced at the very minimum. You can also enjoy cheap international call services, namely to call overseas and to receive calls when abroad at a low rate, even if the other person does not use the app.

Will YufuPhone work on my device?

YufuPhone app is intended for use on smartphones only, namely Android 6 and above or iOS 5 and above.

Does it cost anything to use YufuPhone?

Most YufuPhone services are fee-paying. There are few reasons:

  1. All translators are real, and we pay them;
  2. All call services are not app dependent, and we pay third party operators for this service;
  3. We do not allow advertisements.

Can I try the app for free?

Any user can try a few services for free by simply downloading the app. You can try for free the following services:

  1. Voice live translator;
  2. Text & photo live translator;
  3. International calling.

How to start?

Download the app and complete the simple registration. We will ask you to provide and to verify your email and phone number. Later, you can add a new phone number, while email is unchangeable.

About translation services

Which language pair interpreting does the app offer?

YufuPhone does not limit the amount of languages and currently has the following languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, etc. New translators register every day, and new languages are added automatically. It means YufuPhone offers an almost limitless amount of language pairs.

How does voice live translator work?

Choose the “Interpreting” tab, then choose the pair of languages you need. You will see the rate per minute shown. Then press the “YufuPhone call” button, and you will be connected with an interpreter within few seconds. Turn on your speakerphones for a more convenient conversation between you, the interpreter, and the person you need to talk to.

How does conference call translator work?

You can use this service when you need an interpreter for your phone conversation. Choose the language pair, insert the phone number of the person you need to talk, and press the “YufuPhone call” button. You will be connected with the interpreter first, and in 10 seconds with the person you intended to call.

How does text & picture translation work?

Choose the “Translations” tab, click “new message”, choose the language pair, and enter your text, attach a file, or take a photo in real time, then send. The price will then be displayed. Your message will be sent to native speaker translators only. You will see when the translator starts to translate. Usually, the time for translation does not exceed 30 minutes.

How much does over the phone interpreting cost?

All kinds of Interpreting services are charged per minute, and the cost of one minute is $2 for any language pair.

How much does text & photo translation cost?

The service is charged per fixed amount of characters, and may be $3, $6, or $9 per order. The amount of allowed characters depends on the original language (and the average length of one word). The approximate cost is around $0.1/word for any language pair.

About calling services

Where and how I can use the service?

We provide service globally, so you can use it anywhere, if it is not legally prohibited in your country. Through the app you can call and receive calls from any landline and mobile phone number in the world, even if they do not have YufuPhone.

How does international calling work?

To use this option, simply choose the “phone” picture on the app’s menu, insert the phone number with the country code, and press the “call” button. You will see the rate at the moment of connection. If you think the price is too high, simply drop the call, and we will not charge you.

How does international call forwarding work?

You can use this service when you are abroad, but still want to receive the calls to your usual number at a low rate. To do so you need to make adjust the settings as described in the app when your usual SIM card is still online, and to purchase a local SIM card later. When anyone calls to your usual number, you will receive the call with the local number of the country you are located in that moment.

How does international phone numbers work?

Go to the “Int. phone numbers” tab on the app, choose the country where you want to get a local number, choose the number you like and then enter your personal or office phone number to which the calls should be forwarded. Now you can tell your family or business partners, let’s say living in Canada, that you have a Canadian phone number. So next time when they call you, they will save money on outgoing calls, and you – on incoming calls.

About payments

What are payment methods are supported?

YufuPhone supports the following methods of payment: Credit card, PayPal, WeChat and Alipay. If you pay by credit card or PayPal, you can pay in any currency you prefer, but it will be converted into GBP automatically. If you pay by WeChat or Alipay, you may pay directly in RMB.

What is the main currency of the app?

The basic currency of the account and topping up is USD. If you pay by credit card or PayPal, the main currency is GBP; for WeChat and Alipay – RMB. Payment is deposited to the account in USD at the rate of the Bank of England or Bank of China respectively. Other currencies are displayed in accordance with the European Central Bank current rate and are for your convenience only.

Where can I check my billing information?

To check, simply open the YufuPhone website (www.yufuphone.com) and enter the login and password you used for account creation on the app.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us by using “Feedback & Suggestions” option in the settings of the APP. If you are VIP account owner, you can contact your personal manager directly.