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Two platforms — one goal


Live translator app

  • There is a great chance to earn more, using your translation and interpreting skills. Via the YufuPhone live translator app, you can serve orders at your free time over the phone, and get your fee paid immediately.
  • The YufuPhone live translator app connects people, who need an urgent translation or interpreting service, directly with you. It is convenient, multifunctional, and fast-paced app for freelance translators and interpreters worldwide.
  • Using this app, you can provide your customers with three different services: live interpreting over the phone, conference call interpreting, and short text and photo live translation service.
  • Work as freelance interpreter and earn at least $20 per one short conversation. Translate short messages online and earn up to $4.5 per message.

Translators and interpreters of any language

  • If you are a high level freelance translator and interpreter and would like to work from home, or anywhere else, and to earn more for your work then join the YufuPhone – all language live translator app.
  • If you can translate Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Arabic or any other language then you are welcome to join. It doesn’t matter which languages you translate to and from, or the country you live in, the only important thing is that your language interpreting skills are good enough to work as an over the phone translator and interpreter.

Interpreters in china & worldwide

Everyday there is a sheer number of people who need your professional help.

  • Let your potential customers find you within a couple of minutes only.
  • Create your professional profile with photo, description, location, etc.
  • Choose any country, city, and language pair you work with.
  • Set up your rates for different services.

If you want to get more interpreting jobs or translation work online, do not hesitate to register. We are always pleased to welcome translators and interpreters of any language, from any city in any country.

Register for free

To become a Yufu freelance translator all you need to do is to create your translator’s account, which costs you nothing, and fill in all required information. As soon as your translator’s profile is approved your information will be visible for your potential customers who are looking for a guide or interpreter.

Two platforms — one account

Both platforms share many common features:

  • Same login and password for both accounts;
  • Common rating (check on;
  • Payment withdrawals (;
  • Order notifications always sent to YufuPhone account.

Start now

  • Step 1: Download the and register as a translator.
  • Step 2: Pass a quick translation test
    App settings >> translator’s settings >> + new language >> wait for the approval.
  • Step 3 Wait 24 hours to get approved
  • Step 4: Login to and fill in your translator’s profile.
  • Step 5: Receive an email with detailed information about payments, withdrawals, ratings, etc.

If you are ready,